2021-2022 University Catalog 
    May 21, 2024  
2021-2022 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Master of Business Administration - Healthcare

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Normal Program Length: term-based modality - 2 years; competency-based modality - 1 year 4 months

This program is offered online.

This program is not currently eligible for Title IV for new enrollments.

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The MBA Healthcare is designed for professionals seeking to lead in a rapidly growing and changing industry. The program is adapted to teach the MBA curriculum as it applies to the healthcare sector. Students will learn the skills required for senior managerial positions in healthcare and how to apply business fundamentals to the healthcare industry. Some positions for which this degree may qualify you to apply may also require work experience in the healthcare industry in addition to an educational credential. A bachelor's degree is required for admission into the MBA Healthcare program.

The MBA Healthcare degree is associated with the American Sentinel College of Nursing and Healthcare at Post University, which primarily offers post-licensure nursing programs. Some states may offer licensure or certification opportunities for nurses beyond the degree, and individuals obtaining such licensures or certifications may be able to secure employment. Our MBA-Healthcare degree program is not designed to enable graduates to obtain any such licensure or certification in any state, or to secure any form of employment that might require such licensure or certification. Students should check with the applicable licensing authority in the state in which they expect to work in order to ensure that our accreditation and curriculum meet the state's eligibility requirements for the specific licensure or certification sought and that successful completion of our MBA Healthcare degree program will further their career interests.

The MBA-HC program within American Sentinel College of Nursing & Health Science is offered in two different modalities (methods of delivery): term-based and competency-based. The learning outcomes and level of difficulty are the same for both modalities. The term-based MBA-HC program allows students to take courses in a traditional format. The MBA-HC Powered by SIMPath is a competency-based approach that allows students to move through each course at their own pace, demonstrating a mastery of skills utilizing an array of methods. The program is adapted to teach the MBA curriculum as it applies to the healthcare sector.

MBA-HC Program Learning Outcomes

  • Lead and collaborate with other professionals and communities in planning, providing, and improving healthcare services and systems.
  • Effectively manage the performance of healthcare professionals in diverse organizational environments.
  • Integrate multiple functional and professional perspectives to create innovative solutions to complex problems.
  • Use theoretical knowledge and contemporary research for evidence-based decision-making.
  • Lead others in the acceptance of accountability, responsibility and stewardship for an organization's action and judgments.
  • Address the legal, regulatory, and ethical challenges of the healthcare industry.


Master of Business Administration - Healthcare Powered by SIMPath Competency-Based Modality

In the competence-based modality, students complete competencies within a 16-week time frame. Multiple competencies can be completed with the time frame. Each individual activity must be passed at acceptable or above to successfully pass the course, regardless of overall course average. Please review each course for prerequisite information.

MBA-Healthcare Total Program Credits: 36 Credits

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